Welcome to #VIRAL


What can be accomplished when you combine a viral meme, extensive utilities, an experienced dev team and the security of a renounced contract? #VIRAL aims to find out.
At #VIRAL we are building an auto sustainable project that rewards the users with daily/weekly stable ROI, facilitating an opportunity for the masses to achieve financial freedom.

What is #Viral

#Viral is the native token of the #VIRAL Ecosystem, the value of which will be derived from the revenue generated by its many products within.


#VIRAL intends to challenge traditional attitudes towards memecoins by developing wealth generating utilities, setting the foundations for long term growth and sustainability while simultaneously embracing a fun-loving meme culture, attracting all types & sizes of investors and leveraging the power of community.


The initial utility of this token is the generation of wealth for its holders. There are currently 2 ways in which wealth can be generated using #VIRAL Dapp. Earn liquidity reflections by holding #VIRAL. Provide liquidity and claim #VIRAL weekly.
Beginning with the existing liquidity and claiming features on #VIRAL Dapp, products will go on to include a dex, instant payment service, NFT collection and even a social network rewarding influential users with #VIRAL token. ​
One way in which #VIRAL is able to excel within the rapidly evolving crypto space is by constantly coming up with new ways to reward and engage with our growing community. The roadmap includes airdrops, contests, giveaways and many other incentives for investors to hold and contribute towards a stable foundation for growth. ​